6 Ways to Make Factories Eco-Friendly

By | May 5, 2024
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The wind is not something strange for us. We can feel it anytime, as we walk, work, or even when we’re at home. The wind can be gentle, playing with your hair and giving you comfort on a hot day. However, the wind can also go wild and cause damage. You can find wind anytime and anywhere.

At some points, the wind can also generate electricity for a whole city. The wind-powered electricity is also a good alternative in this energy crisis. As fossil energy is limited and can be exhausted one day, opting for sustainable, renewable energy is crucial for society. So, what do we need to know about wind energy?

Introducing the Gentle Wind to Our Lives

As we discussed before, wind can be gentle and calming. Maybe, we usually take the wind for granted, as it’s just something we usually find. However, when we get the right technology and strategy to use the wind for goodness, it can give benefits to many living creatures.

The wind is a natural phenomenon that has speed. Although it may be gentle, it still has power and energy. Theoretically, the wind is caused by gases that move from a high to a low-pressure area. The pressure difference causes the air to move.

When we talk about wind, there is also Coriolis Effect that causes the wind to move in curves. The wind, which usually moves in a straight line, now is moving in a curve which can also cause circular motion.

Understanding the Windmills and How It Works

People have used windmills for centuries. Indeed, the late human builds their wind-powered generator; windmills. We can see it on farms and other places. So, how did our ancestors use wind as their generator, and how it helps them with their daily life?

  1. Let’s start with the windmill parts. The most important part of a windmill is the blades, which has 2 axis. The axis is the horizontal and vertical ones.
  2. Previously, the windmill is used for grinding grains. They also use a windmill to pump water. Modern windmills are the ones that generate electrical energy from the breeze.
  3. In the modern world, windmills are used for generating electricity and even to supply a city’s electricity demands.

Windmills have been more than just a tool to help the human with their daily needs. Now, windmills are a crucial part of human lives. Especially as the wind is useful for generating electricity. With increasing demands for electrical energy and the dependence of modern people on electricity, windmills will be more than their initial function.

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Famous Windmills in The World

As windmills get rare, the functioning traditional windmills are getting more attention. The remaining windmills are now tourist attractions. Here are some popular windmills you can find around the world:


– De Liefde Windmill (Sakura, Japan)

– Naganuma Futopia Park (Tome, Japan)


– Partington’s Mill (Auckland, NZ)

– De Molen Windmill (Foxton, NZ)


– Betty’s Hope Hills (Antigua, North America)

– Morgan Lewis Mill (St Andrew, Barbados)

– Moulin du Distrillerier Damoiseau (Le Moule, Guadeloupe)


– Rudes Windmill (Otanki, Latvia)

– Hortobagy Windmill (Debrecen, Hungary)

– Kiskundorozsma Windmill (Szeged, Hungary)

These windmills are popular and are protected from vandalism. Their existence is a symbol of how humankind gets technology to overcome their obstacles in daily life.

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The Benefits of Using Wind Energy

The wind is not only beneficial as an alternative. However, you can also get so many other benefits. When it comes to you to find the best benefits, then you need to try using it. What are the benefits of having wind energy as your alternative source?

  1. It is renewable, which means it doesn’t get exhausted by time. Renewable energy will give you a sense of comfort when you use them. It will be available easily, doesn’t have to exploit nature, and is safer.
  2. When the windmills are placed in the right places, the windmills can get enough wind and produce enough electrical energy to supply a city.
  3. The maintenance is affordable. It makes windmills a good option if you want to get an alternative for getting electricity for your house.

Nowadays, there are some individual, small windmills that will be compatible with your house. Individual usage will also be a good option for you. Thus, you can opt to get this alternative for getting renewable energy.